criminal defense lawyer in Ocean Springs

Overall, crime in Ocean Springs is relatively rare, but property crime is rather high. Regardless of what kind of crime you have been charged with, if you or a loved one has been arrested in Ocean Springs, chances are they’ve spent some time in Ocean Springs City Police Jail.

Our Ocean Springs criminal defense lawyers are equipped to assist clients in a wide variety of criminal matters. If you’ve been arrested in Mississippi, you could be charged under state or federal law, both of which could result in serious penalties if you are convicted. We handle cases such as:

While the prosecutors in Ocean Springs have the burden of proof in criminal cases, it’s vital that you present a solid defense to protect your rights and freedom. Our law firm will examine your charges as well as your treatment by the police to identify any weaknesses in the case. We may find an opportunity to resolve your matter through reduced charges, a plea agreement, or a case dismissal.