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Common Mistakes People Make During a Mississippi Divorce

You’ve made the difficult choice to divorce. Unfortunately, no matter how hard that was, the hardest part isn’t over yet. Whether this process takes months or years for you to go through, there are lots of tough decisions and conversations to be had. Since divorce is such an emotional process, mistakes are bound to happen. Avoiding the mistakes listed here can help you navigate this process with minimal stress and pain, and possibly even lead to a better outcome.

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Playing Loose with Their Finances

Leaving a bad relationship can make you feel free and ready for the next stage of your life. However, it’s not the time to go out and buy new cars, sign new leases, or otherwise spend tons of money. You don’t know yet what will be considered a marital asset, and any marital money you spend now may have to be partially paid back to your ex.

Flaunting a New Relationship

Waiting to date is the best way to go when you’re divorcing, but if you choose to ignore that advice, at least don’t flaunt your new relationship around your ex. Even if it’s not legally wrong, it can definitely make the divorce process harder. They may use their pain as a reason to lash out at you, drag out the process as much as possible, and cost you as much as they can in legal fees.

Using Their Kids as a Pawn

Assuming that there’s no abuse or substance addiction, your kids likely need both parents in their lives. Don’t try to limit your spouse’s time with them because it hurts you to see your spouse for pickups and drop-offs. Your kids must be your top priority during a divorce. Anything you do during this time could seriously damage your relationship with them down the line.

Relying on Their Spouse’s Attorney

Even if your divorce is amicable or at least not contentious, do not take legal advice from someone on the opposing side. Perhaps you think you can save money by not hiring an attorney, and your ex’s attorney has drawn up a potential divorce settlement. Your ex assures you that it’s fair to both of you and will leave you both in a good position to start over.

Remember, your ex’s attorney does not work for you. They have your ex’s best interests in mind, not yours. You should have your own legal counsel take an in-depth look at anything your ex wants you to sign.

Ignoring Tax Consequences

The way you divide your assets during divorce can affect you when tax time rolls around. If you don’t account for this when you split up assets, you could be left in serious financial trouble when you file your taxes. Before you agree to any division of assets agreement, talk to your Mississippi divorce lawyer about how the agreement will affect you in terms of taxes.

Communicating Too Much or Too Little with their Ex-Partner

You don’t want to talk to your ex-partner about personal matters or anything outside the divorce and your kids. Avoid oversharing, pouring your heart out about the split, or trying to be friends too soon. On the same note, though, don’t ice them out. Regular communication is important if you’re going to get through this.

Hiding Assets

This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make during a divorce. It will make you look terrible in court, threaten any divorce agreement you had negotiated, and possibly leave you with fewer assets than you would have gotten if you had been honest in the first place.

Not Hiring an Attorney

Divorce is one of the biggest legal struggles you’ll go through in your entire life. This isn’t the time to try your hand at interpreting state divorce laws and negotiating a fair agreement. Hire an attorney who will listen to what matters to you and fight for you.

Protect Yourself During Divorce—Call Holcomb & Russell Now The team at Holcomb & Russell is ready to work with you as you go through this challenging time. Let’s sit down, talk about what comes next, and discuss what is important to you in your divorce. From there, we’ll make a plan. Just contact us online or call us at 228-432-6652.

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