How Will Getting a DUI Impact My Auto insurance?

dui impacts car insurance

Once you’ve been convicted of driving under the influence, you’ll be hit with a cascade of consequences. The loss of your license, massive fines, and even jail time are just the beginning. The fact is a DUI can affect every area of your life in some way. You may even notice a sudden negative change […]

How Should You Respond to Questions During a DUI Stop?

dui lawyers in Gulfport, Mississippi

Everyone who’s ever been stopped for driving under the influence knows the feeling—you see the flashing lights behind you, get that sinking feeling in your stomach, and wonder how you are supposed to handle this. Unfortunately, the way most people handle DUI traffic stops is wrong. It gives the cops way more information than they […]

What the Rise in Gig Economy Means for Divorce

gig economy and divorce

The work landscape has changed dramatically over the last few decades. Gone are the days when you would work at the same company for 30 to 35 years, retire, and collect a pension. Now, it’s common to job-hop every few years for an income boost and new skills. Since the pandemic, work has changed even […]

Tips to Lessen the Financial Impact of a Divorce

divorce mistakes

Few life events are quite as financially devastating as divorce. Even the most well-off families often find that divorce leaves both individuals in a financial tailspin once the dust settles. However, you don’t just have to accept that as part of your divorce experience. With careful planning and management of your expectations, you can ease […]

What You Need to Know About Holiday DUI Arrests

dui during the holidays in Gulfport

The holidays are full of beautiful lights, touching family memories, and for many, lots of driving. Unfortunately, this is also one of the worst times of the year for DUI arrests and accidents. Arrest rates spike during this time and so do accidents caused by impaired drivers. If you plan on traveling this holiday season, […]

Helpful Tips for Dealing with a Divorce During the Holidays

holiday divorce

Divorce is difficult at any time of the year, but it’s even worse when you’re in the thick of it during the holiday season. Christmastime is the most nostalgic time of year, so it’s not exactly the ideal time to be ending your marriage. However, you can’t always control the timing of your life—so it’s […]

How Mediation Differs from Litigation During a Mississippi Divorce

mediation in divorce

When you choose divorce as your next step, you have options to consider. You’ll decide how much of the marital property you want to fight for, what type of custody you want to pursue, and whether to file for fault or no-fault divorce. Another choice you will have to make is whether you will go […]

Navigating a Home Transfer During a Mississippi Divorce

home transfer

The division of assets is often a touchy subject in Mississippi divorces. There may be spats about what is or isn’t marital property, as well as how much each party is entitled to. The marital home can take up a lot of time in negotiations, whether one party wants to keep it, both parties want […]

How Will a DUI Impact My Employment?

dui and employment

If you’ve been arrested for drinking and driving, your mind might be racing as you think of all of the ways your life will be affected. One question that commonly comes up is, “Will a DUI conviction affect my job in Mississippi?” While there is no clear-cut answer to that, there are many cases in […]

Common Mistakes People Make During a Mississippi Divorce

divorce mistakes

You’ve made the difficult choice to divorce. Unfortunately, no matter how hard that was, the hardest part isn’t over yet. Whether this process takes months or years for you to go through, there are lots of tough decisions and conversations to be had. Since divorce is such an emotional process, mistakes are bound to happen. […]