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An arrest can be a scary, frustrating, and confusing situation, whether it’s your first or third time going through the criminal justice process. A conviction can lead to serious penalties like jail or prison time, fines, and a permanent criminal record that can significantly diminish your chances of getting employed, finding a place to live, applying for college, and taking advantage of other opportunities in life. However, getting arrested doesn’t mean that you are automatically guilty of the alleged crime, which is why you need legal representation from a skilled lawyer to help you avoid conviction.

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At Holcomb & Russell, we can provide you with aggressive and personalized legal solutions to do our best to obtain the most favorable outcome in your case. Our Hancock County criminal defense attorneys can investigate your arrest, collect and assess evidence, and figure out if the police violated your rights or if there are any weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case against you. If law enforcement officials made any mistakes during their investigation or if the prosecution cannot prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, we can either get your charges reduced or your entire case dismissed.

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Criminal Cases We Can Handle in Hancock County

Whether you have been charged with a misdemeanor or felony, each type of offense is associated with severe criminal penalties, including a lengthy amount of time behind bars. When you schedule a free consultation with our legal team, we can listen to your side of the story, review your case, and determine all available legal options to guide you through the complexities of the legal process and obtain the best possible results.

Our firm handles the following types of criminal cases:

In addition, we also handle personal injury cases in Hancock County. So, if you have been injured in an accident caused by a negligent party Holcomb & Russell can provide legal services for this matter.


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With hundreds of cases handled, including many that have gone all the way to trial, we understand what it takes to build a strong and effective defense strategy for our clients. Do not hesitate to let our Hancock County criminal defense lawyers protect your rights, reputation, and freedom throughout the legal process and help you get your life back on the right path.